My Gun Collection FAQs

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Q: Does the My Gun Collection application send information over the internet?

A: No, no information is sent over the internet for this application, not even during registration.

Q: Does the My Gun Collection application require a connection to the internet for anything?

A: Yes, but these are more for optional downloads only, like the Pre-Data Loader and the Application Updater.

Q: What is the Pre-Data Loader?

A: The Pre-Data Loader is an optional application that will connect to our database server and download additional information to store in your database. This is mostly used to quickly fill out information about the firearm, like Manufacturers, Models from that specific manufacturer, available or known Calibers, etc. The Pre-Data Loader was released with My Gun Collection version 3.x.

Q: Do I have to pay to update my application?

A: No. Updates are free and we do not plan on charging for updates in the future.

Q: Are updates to this application easy?

A: Yes, by using the Application Updater, you can easily get the latest version for the My Gun Collection application, and it's sub components without any technical knowledge needed.

Q: When I run the My Gun Collection Backup, do my pictures get backed up?

A: Yes. When you add a picture to your collection, the picture is stored in the database and used from there.

Q: When I add a picture, does it delete it's original location?

A: No, the picture is copied to the database, while the original is left untouched for your own use.

Q: Why not just use excel,word, notepad or Open Office to keep track of my collection?

A: You can, there is no reason why you can't. This application was created to not only keep a list of what firearms are in my collection, but also technical specs about it, pictures, accessories, ammunition that I have in stock for it, what maintenance that has been done to it, where it was bought from and who it was sold to, and I wanted to view it all in one section.

Q: What about all the other Firearm Collection application that are available? Why shouldn't I use their application?

A: There is not reason why you shouldn't. There are some that are free and some that cost more then the My Gun Application. It's really up to you on how user friendly the application is to you, what it keeps track of, and how everything is presented. You do have 30 days to try out this application to see if it is what you are looking for.

Q: Why did you make this application if there are otherways of keep track of this information?

A: The other application that are available are useful to some, but we I didn't like the way it functioned on somethings, or they were lacking in tracking certain information or functionality, and wasn't that happy about the presentation of the information.

Q: Are their any restrictions during the 30 Day Trial Period?

A: No, everything is open for you to use, even the ability to update the application via the Application Updater.

Q: What if there is something missing from the application that I think would be useful to have?

A: We are always open to suggestions and comments on how to improve this application.

Q: What if I'm not the comfortable about having this information stored on my computer, but I do what a way to keep track of it?

A: You can install the application, enter in your information, backup the database to a thumb drive and store it in a safe place, then run the Database Cleanup (available from version 3.x on up) to removed everything in the database. When you need to use the application, just restore the database.

Q: Does this work with Windows Vista 64bit or XP 64bit.

A: No, we are currently attempting create a working version for the 64bit chips. But that is a trial and error process.

Q: Are you planning to make the My Gun Collection work off a USB Drive?

A: No, due to safe practices of not keeping your backups or main database on a single point of failure, we will probably not design the My Gun Collection to work off of a USB drive, since it is safer to have your database on your computer and your backups on a seperate USB Drive, so if you lose one, you still have the other. If you have your application running on a USB drive, you are less likely to back it up, so if you lose your USB Drive, you lose everything.