About the Beta My Gun Collection Section

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This section will allow you to view what we have in store for the next version, such as:

We decided to release this information to allow current and future customer see what is "Coming Soon" to the My Gun Collection application.

This is an application that we have done a lot of research and development, field testing, and have also gotten some very useful suggestions from our customers on how we can improve this application.

So we created this section to allow you to show that your suggestions didn’t fall on deaf ears. So we hope you enjoy this section, and what is yet to come from the My Gun Collection application.

We thank you for your business and your suggestions.

Use the links below to see the current status of the My Gun Collection application.



BETA BUILD VERSION: 4.9.885.8954


What's Currently on version 5.0

Adding Barrel or Conversion Kit to a Firearm

New Features for the Firearm Gallery Section

Other Minor Additions

Task List