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Welcome to the BurnSoft Wiki!

The BurnSoft Wiki was created to replace the BurnSoft Knowledge Base and the Learning Center Sites that we had. For years BurnSoft has created both freeware and share application, but since the freeware lacked help files, some users were a little lost on how to use the application. Hopefully we can document some of the freeware application that we currently have and additional information for our shareware applications as well.

The Learning Center was created over 7 years ago to help others with tips, tricks and tutorials. A little difficult to keep up with since it was on a separate site and hard coded HTML. A few years ago the BurnSoft Knowledge base was created to help replace a majority of the Learning Center and to help support our current applications. It worked, but lacked in some functionality that would help keep things up to date.

In 2009 we came across the Screwturn Wiki software, which worked great and was what we needed and began to move all the data from the Learning Center and the Knowledge Base to this Wiki.

So enjoy, and we hope you find what you are looking for.

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