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My Loaders Log FAQs

Modified on 2009/03/02 00:04 by BSSystemAnalyst Categorized as My Loaders Log
Q: Does the My Loaders Log application send information over the internet?

A: No, no information is sent over the internet for this application, not even during registration.

Q: Does the My Loaders Log application require a connection to the internet for anything?

A: Yes, but these are more for optional downloads only, like the Application Updater.

Q: Do I have to pay to update my application?

A: No. Updates are free and we do not plan on charging for updates in the future.

Q: Are updates to this application easy?

A: Yes, by using the Application Updater, you can easily get the latest version for the My Loaders Log application, and it's sub components without any technical knowledge needed.

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