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This is the current Task list/To-Do/Wish List for the My Gun Collection Application.

Anything with UR in front of it means that it was a user request. If you do not see something on this list, remember to also check out the What's Currently on version 5.0 page.  Just Remember that even though it is on this list, doesn't mean that it will be in the next release, it just means that it is something that we will like to see put into the application in the future.

* UR - Need to list current Choke that is in a shotgun, when someone selects shotgun for the type, the choke option should appear.* UR - Option to use Lists instead of Suggestions for Actions, Type, Sights, Storage, etc. * UR - Report with Notes and or conditions, fixed or cutom report, do the research.
  • Add an option to the restore application to Sync the Backup with the current database on the machine 

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