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One issues concerned large pictures and a huge number of pictures for 1 firearm. It would delay the display time of the firearm details every time you click on it. Since we were storing the raw picture, the application would have to create a thumbnail for the gallery every time you click on a firearm, the more and bigger pictures you had for that firearm the longer it would take to pull up.

We resolved this issue by having the application create a store a thumbnail of that picture in the database when you added the picture. This helps increase the number of pictures you can store and the load time of the firearm.

We have also added the ability to add Titles and Notes to the picture. There are reasons why you pictures of certain parts of the gun, and we can't always remember why we did that. So now you can store that information in the database as well. The Picture below will show a pop up balloon when you click to view the picture.



For the First 4 versions, you have only been able to store your pictures in the database for your firearms. As far as printing was concerned, you would have to export it from the database and use the windows picture viewer to print out the picture.

Not Any more! Now you can print out all the picture in the gallery with their title and notes


Click on the PDf below to see a sample report.


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