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  • FIXED: The Custom Report on the Custom SQL Query section. If you defined a field such as "manufacturer like '%Ruger%'", it will run the query, but it will throw an error if you attempt to save the report query.
  • FIXED: The Full and Complete Detail reports will not show any information if I do not have any pictures set. A default Picture will now be added that says "No Image Found", for the firearm when the report is generated.
  • FIXED: The while viewing details on a firearm, The more picture that I have for that firearm, the longer it takes to load. Thumbnails are now created for the main image, which will speed up load time and allow you to keep your original picture for viewing.
  • FIXED: Issue with the restore.exe application. The Restore application was not reading the directory that you set. Once you did a backup of the database it would be able to restore from that directory. Now it functions as the original restore did.
  • ADDED: Added the ability to input the Velocity for the ammunition collection. Now you can input the velocity of the ammunition.
  • ADDED: Velocity to the reports and views.
  • ADDED: Ammo Used is now a field for the Gun Maintenance section. You can input this manually or if you use the calculator, it will use the name gathered from the list.
  • ADDED: Updated the Ammunition Audit section, added an extra input for the store where you bought your ammunition.
  • ADDED: Added an Edit Interface for the Gun Smith section. Before you would have to edit the fields though the display grid, now a window will appear allowing your to edit all details.
  • ADDED: Added the Ability to search through your in Full Name, Model Name, Serial No.,Type,Caliber,Finish,Condition,Custom Catalog ID.,Weight,Height,Stock Type,Barrel Length,Action,Feed System,Sights,Purchased Price,Purchased From,Storage Location,Additional Notes,Produced,Pet Loads,Condition Comments. If there is only on result, it will bring up the display window for the firearm.
  • ADDED: Added the ability to Edit the Gun Types. Even though in previous versions you were able to manually add the Gun Types when you added the firearm. Which you still can do, but now you can view the list of the Types of Firearms and edit, add or delete from the list manually.
  • ADDED: Added the ability to Edit, Add or Delete the Gun Conditions. In Previous Versions, the list of New, 100%, Antique Good, etc was hard coded into the application. Now it is stored in the database where you can manually manage the Firearm Conditions manually.
  • ADDED: The Ability to print the accessories for the selected firearm with a running total. This will allow you to print this out for your records or for you to include on any flyers that you print out.
  • CHNG: The headers on the reports are now a shade of light gray were they were once transparent; this is just to help define the header when you print out a report.
  • ADDED: The running total for the accessories is now also in the Full Detailed Report.
  • FIXED: Misspelling on View Maintenance Plan Tool Icon on Main Window.
  • FIXED: Issue with Busy Cursor on Bound Book. The Busy cursor would activate when you put your mouse over the tool bar instead of having the arrow cursor
  • ADDED: Notification on Custom Catalog ID during add and Edit to alert you when another firearm has the same ID and which firearm(s) have that ID.
  • ADDED: The ability to Mark Maintenance Details as Count or Don't Count.
  • ADDED: Accessories Report.
  • ADDED: Quick N/A fill button for the Firearm Sale form. If you don't remember or have all the details when you sell/sold that firearm, you can use the Quick "N/A" button to will out all the information that is required by the sale form.
  • ADDED: Section for Blank Reports. Just in cause you wanted to fill out some things by hand, we have a blank Bound Book, Shooters Card and Shooters Card with Target report Sheet available to print.
  • ADDED: Search for your firearms based on the Display Name, Manufacturer, Model Name, Serial No., Type, Caliber, Finish, Condition, Custom Catalog ID., Weight, Height, Stock Type, Barrel Length, Action, Feed System, Sights, Purchased Price, Purchased From, Storage Location, Additional Notes, Produced, Pet Loads, Condition Comments
  • ADDED: The Ability to give a picture a name/title and notes for that picture.
  • ADDED: Gallery Report - this will allow you to print of all the pictures, Title/Name and notes for all the pictures for the current firearm that you are viewing.
  • ADDED: While viewing pictures a tip balloon will display the Name/Title and notes of the picture.
  • ADDED: The ability to put an appraised price on the accessories, since some items will gain or lose value and others (like magazines are not commonly apprised), won't gain any cost. This feature was put in to help you figure out a firearms actual cost for your collection or to help sell it.
  • ADDED: Total Purchase and Appraised prices to the Accessories Tab View and Report. Initially We were thinking about adding it to the purchase Price, But while performing self appraisals on a firearm with Blue Book, The appraised prices tend to fluctuate, and some accessories are not listed in blue book as a plus or minus add-on, and some are. So If you are one that will self apprise a firearm via Blue Book, you can take the value of the firearm itself, and add the accessories that have an appraised value to it to get the final appraised value of the firearm.
  • CHNG: When filtering the side list, the "Cust. Catalog #" filter will now display the Custom Catalog number in the list. EXAMPLE: "MGC101 - Glock 17"
  • CHNG: To Add more uniformity when adding a firearm in the actions, Type, Sights and Storage sections, you now have the ability to drop down the list of options as well as type something in.
  • CHNG: Changed Pet loads to Caliber #2
  • FIXED: The Login Form Losing Focus. If you set the security to prompt for a username and password, it would lose focus when you started the application; this will force you to click on the login form in order to type something in. This has now been fixed.
  • CHNG: Changed how you edit and delete information from the maintenance tab while viewing a firearm. Instead of double clicking to edit a field, now when you double click on the data that you want to edit a new window will appear allow you to edit the all the information for that maintenance details.
  • ADDED: Added the ability to delete data from the maintenance section by clicking once on the line that you want to delete then left clicking to bring up a menu that will allow you to delete or edit the information. Before you where suppose to be able to select the row and hit your delete button, but that didn't always work.
  • FIXED: The Forgot Password answer was converting the answer to lower case and not the same case as the real answer.
  • ADDED: The a New Report that is similar to the Quick inventory Report but with Notes and Conditions

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